Friday, December 6, 2013

December Loves : Velvet

I adore velvet. I always have. 
Rich solid colors, dazzling prints, silk velvets, glitter velvets...
They are as delightful to sew as they are to wear!!

An all-velvet look may be a bit much for some, so why not try a fabulous velvet accessory for starts?!
...I love my velvet turbans when the temperature drops...they do double duty as a chic fashion accessory and a winter cap too!!

 Classic navy is a brilliant choice for the Holidays, but this retro-inspired number comes in 24 fantastic colors.
Perennially available at: Mademoiselle Mermaid.

Speaking of velvet, I've recently been on the hunt for a vintage velvet dress for my personal wardrobe, which is having a bit of a 90's moment!!

I scored this gorgeous burgundy, silk velvet dress on Ebay for about $15!!
I'm calling it my Elaine Benes Dress...since it looks like something she would have had in her closet in the 90's!!  
(...and speaking of the 90's fashion, that will be the topic of a post very soon!!)

Peppermint kisses 'n warm velvety wishes!!


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