Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vitamins & Violas : Portrait of a Tuesday a.m.

Eggs*, avocado*, cilantro*,  and power greens*, 
...chopped red and yellow peppers*
...and a sprinkling of shredded cheese*...
*organic ingredients, of course!!

...That's flower-photographer fuel for this lovely Tuesday morning!!

I've just finished adding chrysanthemums, zinnias, violas, and some gorgeous velvety-purple annuals to my hanging garden!! 
Here are a few of my favorite shots from this morning's shoot:


Monday, September 15, 2014

Mermaid Monday : Walk Along the Beach

Presenting: sunshine, refreshing ocean breezes, and soaring temps!!
...This Mermaid Monday feeling brings to mind a song...

So I'll put on my Bob Marley tape
And practice what I preach
Get Ja lost in the reggae mon
As I walk along the beach

-Jimmy Buffett; Fruitcakes

Stay cool out there!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Flower Pick : Sunset Rose

I'm starting the weekend off right
...with a sunset bike ride through Santa Monica Beach and the Pacific Palisades!!
...That's where I found this gorgeous rose bloom, blacklit by a golden sunset!!
...It's my Friday Flower Pick...


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things I ♥ : All Things Rosé

Taking a cue from Jimmy Buffett:
Mother Nature has turned up the heat
...so I'm chillin' the rosé!!

Pink- the color of unconditional love, lightheartedness, and nurturing,
looks gorgeous in rosy blooms, delicious in crisp, fresh wines, and so fashion forward in a ruffly Victorian collar!! 

I'm particularly in the mood for a romantic, pastel pink today!!
...How about a little crochet under a shady tree?...
...And there's a brand new item in my ruffle collar collection today on Etsy!!

...The world looks fabulous through rosé-colored glasses...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday Words of Wisdom : Thought Power

Welcome to one of my favorite times of the week!!...
...It's the time when I sit down with a cup of mint tea and delve into some of the inspirational quotes and images I've collected over the week!!

Simple 'n sweet, today's post features some beautiful trumpet flower blooms and everyday magic- in the form of positive thought:

"In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing."


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cha Cha Chicken : Me Gustas Tu

Good afternoon from behind a huge plate of enchiladas, fried plantains, 
and rice 'n beans!!
...Oh, and I can't forget the watermelon juice!!...It's pure bliss on a 87 degree day like today, on the Westside of Los Angeles!!

Cha Cha Chicken is this enchanting little Caribbean place tucked off of Ocean Ave in Santa Monica, partially concealed by a thicket of tropical trees and bougainvillea vines. Once behind the palm fronds and fence, you'll enjoy finding ramshackle island decor, tables covered with Hawaiian print oilcloth, and simply unbeatable Caribbean-inspired eats!!

Totally delightful and refreshing when the temperature soars, it's my favorite spot before or after the beach, on a drizzly day (hello, watching a rare rainfall from under a patio umbrella!!), or anytime I'm in need of a lunch hour vacation!!

A couple of other details to note if you plan to visit:
...It's B.Y.O.B., so tote along a bottle of crisp white wine or a six pack of red stripe, if you'd really like to live it up!!
...and it's highly likely that you'll hear some Bob Marley tunes and this song
while you enjoy your Caribbean feast:

Me gusta Cha Cha Chicken; me gustas tu!!
Here's their website: http://chachachicken.com/


Monday, September 8, 2014

September Blues : Turquoise Ruffle Collar

Here's a gorgeous piece:
...My Victorian-inspired ruffle collar, in a beautiful turquoise cotton...
the color of a September sky!!

It just landed in my Etsy Shop!!

...Beautiful as a fall layer, and equally stunning over a swimsuit at the resort!!
Available in a rainbow of colors.