Thursday, June 5, 2014

Things I Love: Crocheted Collars and Ravelry

I need another crochet capelet like I need yet another pair of silver sparkly shoes!!...
(...which is to say, not very badly=)
...but I just can't resist a sweet and simple, just-for-fun capelet pattern when I see it!!

This dainty beauty is crocheted from another of Red Heart's fabulous 'n free patterns available on their website. To download the mini capelet, click here.

I stitched it up in a sugar 'n cream cotton yarn color called potpourri...a delightful, natural shade, accented with specks of pink, purple, and blue!! I reminds me of sprinkles on a cupcake!! I finished it off with a really lovely fleur de lavende color for the ties.

I discovered Ravelry years ago, signed up, and then promptly forgot about it. 
...But lately it's been coming up more and more, especially in the arts and crafts podcasts I listen to.
...So I gave it another (closer) look, and I LVE it!!
It's a brilliantly fun way to share and blog about yarn craft projects, store the often forgotten details of a project (e.i. hook size, yarn color names, number of skeins)...and gather inspiration of course!!

I'm MlleMermaid, and here's a look at my profile thus far: 

...and because nothing goes better with yarn crafting than podcast listening, here are a few arts and crafts themed podcast that I'm just lovin'!!:


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