Monday, June 16, 2014

My Best Sewing Tip

Spring is about to turn into summer, and I still have a little unfinished business to mention on the sewing front!!
...If you perused the Spring 2014 issue of BurdaStyle US, you may have seen my "Best Sewing Tip" on page 105!! 

"Cut a 1" strip of tricot interfacing and iron it to the edge of the wrong side of a knit fabric before hemming. No skipped stitches, no puckering seams, no knit fabric being eaten by the sewing machine!!…Even hard-to-sew knits are suddenly workable!! The tricot interfacing works perfectly because you won’t lose the knit’s stretch (use a zig zag stitch), and the added bonus is that the crisp seam looks super professional!!"

I was delighted to share my sewing tip...which I must admit, was a most excellent discovery when I first realized response to a post on BurdaStyle's blog, offering a giveaway with!!
Check the original post out here:

I can't remember exactly how I figured it (the interfacing idea) out or what inspired me to try it...but I do remember the dress I was sewing.
It was this one...

 ...An absolutely gorgeous feather print jersey oh-so enchanting fabric that was oh-so hard to sew!! 
When I first spotted it at Michael Levine's in downtown L.A., I fell instantly in love and promptly bought the whole bolt...and another...So, as you can see, not being able to sew it perfectly was simply not an option!! 
My tricot interfacing trick worked like a charm...
and now I use it all the time on super stretchy or hard-to-sew knits!!

So, what did I win, other than a fabulous 'n fun feature in the issue?!?!
...A new home sewer AND a serger!! Wow!!

Thank♥You, BurdaStyle.

(BurdaStyle Spring 2014 cover.)

 The Summer 2014 issue is out now, and it's fabulous too!!
...Find it on the newsstands!!
...And find me, all smiles, with my new machines below=)!!
Needless to say, I am quite excited to get these beauties set up and sewing!!

Time for some summer sewing!! 

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