Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Magic of Marigolds

Nothing says early summer quite a like a flower box full of gorgeous orange and yellow marigolds!!
Like a radiant burst of sunshine...they enliven my spirit and lift my mood!!
...and ooh what a dazzling, earthy fragrance too!! 

But if sunny-shiny good looks aren't enough...

Here are 3 more reasons to l♥ve marigolds:
♥They have magic properties: Some believe that marigold-infused water rubbed on the eyelids encourages visions of fairies!!
♥They are edible: Use organically grown flowers, and give this pickled cucumber and marigolds recipe a try!!
♥They promote clear thinking and organization: Add a marigold bouquet to your office or plant a border that you can see from somewhere you need focus!!


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