Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Dreams

Combining my love of photography and my love of fashion 
has really been a dream come true for me!!
Flower photography has always been at the of my work behind the lens,
and I adore the idea of immortalizing the fleeting beauty of the blossoms that cross my path, by transforming them into wearable art objects.

Here's one of my all-time favorite shots, featuring a gorgeous bunch of fuchsias that were hanging in a basket over my head, one sunny afternoon in Malibu.

...It looks fabulous under a bit of glass in a vintage-inspired pendant...
♥Flower Pendant on Etsy.

...Enchanting as an organic cotton print, sewn into a lovely turban...
♥Fuchsias Turban on Etsy.

...or how about as a unique cotton tote, perfect for stashing your farmers market finds in?!!
♥Fuchsias Tote on Etsy.

It's never too early to think spring!!
Flowers and gardens are what winter dreams are made of=)

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