Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Things I Love

Talk about somewhere sunny 'n 75; it's gorgeous out there!!
...Especially for January.
...But that doesn't mean we have to forego winter completely this year!! 
One of my Thrusday Things I Love favorite is the Dec-Jan 2014 issue of Mary Jane's Farm, which I read cover to cover
I soooo enjoyed the articles about unique Holiday decorating, organic eating 'n farming, and getting some good winter sleep!!
...All from the comfort of my (appropriate-to-the -eason) plaid beach blanket!! 
I was also introduced the fact that Mary Jane has produced her own glamper.  
Must put it on my life list!!...It will be perfect for when I (someday) spend a year traveling around the country photographing and riding all of the  
hand carved carousels still in use.

A few other favorite picks this week are also perfect picnic/beach reads 'n eats!!

Magical Fashionista I am just diving into, and my biggest challenge with this book is that I can't spend the whole day in some lovely, sunny spot reading it!!
Tea Pleasures from Victoria Magazine is also a divine read and full of eye candy!! It features glorious photo after photo of delightful tea time inspiration.

...And delicious, organic berry tarts are a very nice pairing with these whimsical reads. If you're in the L.A. area, Bob's Market in Santa Monica has some that are perfection!!

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