Sunday, January 5, 2014

5 Things That Changed My Life in 2013

While thinking back on 2013 and trying to come up with the one "thing" that really changed my life in the year past...
I found I really couldn't narrow it down.
There are 5 truly amazing things that came my way in 2013...
...5 things that are so ingrained in my every day now,
that I can't remember life with out them!!

1. The Nutribullet
This neato little kitchen gadget probably doesn't need much introduction!! Featuring a simple, easy to use (and clean!) design, the Nutribullet has been an essential way for me to up my fruits 'n veggies intake. I have always loved smoothies...but I didn't know how much I would really enjoy having them on a daily basis...until it was sooo easy to make them on my own!!...(pssst the secret is the frozen bananas!!) My favorite recipe consists of a handful of organic greens, mint, frozen strawberries, a frozen banana, and a touch of lime. Honorable mention goes to my quick breakfast smoothie made with bananas, oatmeal, peanut butter, and almond milk!!

2. Spoonk Mat
The Spoonk is another cool gadget, but it might need a bit more of an introduction!! It's basically a modern day bed of nails, that I've been laying on for 15 minutes a day, for several months now. The result has been fantastic!! (You can read all the thinking behind it on their website.) When I use it at night, right before bed, it releases all of the tension in my back, and I always wake up energized and fresh-faced the next morning!!...It keeps me in tip-top, sewing condition!!

3. Tranquility du Jour Daybook
With room for collaging dreams, emphasis on living beautifully, daily checklists for mindfulness, yoga, and gratitude practices, this is the daybook/planner of my dreams!! Decked out in whimsical illustrations and peppered with French phrases, it couldn't be more perfect for my lifestyle!!

4. V-Moda Headphones
I credit this year's long, fulfilling, enlivening workouts in part to some great reggae tunes, but mostly it's been these fantastic headphones that have kept me in the zone!! They aren't totally noise cancelling (which is great for when I am out power walking,) but the sound is so rich and invigorating...from an audiobook, to podcast, to the latest Kenny Chesney album...they're coming in crystal clear!!

5. Grocery Delivery
2013 was the year that I stopped (having to) go to the grocery store!! I had flirted with the idea of grocery delivery in the past, but I was under the impression that it was expensive or a hassle. But online grocery shopping gets easier every time you do it!! By now, I have an enormous history of items I have purchased, so I just scroll through it every Thursday, dropping all those items in my grocery "cart"...with just a click!! Another unforeseen advantage of buying groceries this way, is that you usually have a few hours to make any changes to your order. So, if I place an order and a couple of hours later realize that I'm out of olive problem!! I just add it to my the nick of time!!

So there you have it!!...The 5 things that really enhanced my life over the last year....

...And if I really, really had to just keep one, then I would have to go with the sensational Nutribullet...but then my to-do lists wouldn't be as neat as they are, my back wouldn't be so loose, and my workouts wouldn't be quite as interesting;)...
LVE them all!!

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