Monday, January 11, 2016

Mermaid Monday : White Flower Lei and So Much More

Happy Mermaid Monday to all!!

...Wow...After an interesting and thought provoking weekend at the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Long Beach,
and a few special birthday festivities following, 
I'm feeling totally refreshed and inspired!!

Case in point? 
...There's a fresh caftan in the works!! 
This time it's beach poncho-style garment...
with a swinging handkerchief hem and a flattering bias cut. 
The neckline can be reversed, for a higher or lower scoop neck on command,
and it floats like a dream over a swimsuit but looks absolutely fabulous with leggings too!!
In 100% cotton gauze, it's as cool as can be
and comes in Mademoiselle Mermaid's standard rainbow of delightful colors!!  

...The simple and elegant cut of the garment makes it the perfect canvas for a unique statement necklace- my handmade-to-order crochet, gauze, and lace lei being one of them.
I just couldn't resist snapping a few shots of this perfect summer daydream of an ensemble!!

After a bit of sewing and a bit of crochet, it's back to the drawing board (literally!!) for me.
I'm currently working on a series of Mermaid Zodiac illustrations.
Leo is the first to come to life, with Aquarius soon to follow!!

...And last, but certainly not least, 
Mermaid Monday began beautifully with quite an amazing, awe-inspiring sunrise...
And I just couldn't leave that part out:


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  1. Wonderfull dress,