Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Flower Pick : Pink Camellias

 Ahhh, exquisite and ethereal pink camellias... shockingly beautiful in every way!!

I've made my mind up decidedly that they are indeed, 
my favorite flower of all=)...

Now, what to wear then on all these early mornings spent reveling in the blooms?
...Something fit for Wonderland, I suppose...
...with ruffles surely...
and in a creamy ivory color!!

Introducing my latest mermaid-make: A perfectly elegant (and splendidly old-fashioned!) cotton cape. 
Toss it over your shoulders, wearing the ties in the front or off to one side...
and march out to make the most of camellia season!!

Follow the link to find it on Etsy=)...



  1. I can understand why this would be your favorite flower! What wonderful color.

  2. What a charming cape to wear while searching for flowers! Your camellias photos are so pretty.