Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Flower Pick : Mushroom Morning

I have my eye on about two dozen camellia plants dotting my Friday Flower Pick-ing route that are ready to burst into bloom!! 
They are every shade of a valentines spectrum...
from creamy ivories, to delicate pinks, to flaming fuchsias.

...I simply can't wait for the show's opening!!
...Who knew January gardening could be so fascinating?!?

In the interim, 
I'm not neglecting the less showy,
albeit just as interesting, specimens...
like this magical mushroom circle!!

With a series of amazing sunrises lighting up my mornings and getting much of my attention this week, 
it's fun to think that the nearest photo op might be right underfoot!!



  1. Magnificent mushrooms! I can't wait to see the camellia photos. I have a white one from my trip to Norfolk Botanical Garden that I'll be posting this winter.

  2. These are quite interesting mushrooms! I love the color and the designs on them. Sunrises and sunsets are always so unique but lovely.