Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cha Cha Chicken : Me Gustas Tu

Good afternoon from behind a huge plate of enchiladas, fried plantains, 
and rice 'n beans!!
...Oh, and I can't forget the watermelon juice!!...It's pure bliss on a 87 degree day like today, on the Westside of Los Angeles!!

Cha Cha Chicken is this enchanting little Caribbean place tucked off of Ocean Ave in Santa Monica, partially concealed by a thicket of tropical trees and bougainvillea vines. Once behind the palm fronds and fence, you'll enjoy finding ramshackle island decor, tables covered with Hawaiian print oilcloth, and simply unbeatable Caribbean-inspired eats!!

Totally delightful and refreshing when the temperature soars, it's my favorite spot before or after the beach, on a drizzly day (hello, watching a rare rainfall from under a patio umbrella!!), or anytime I'm in need of a lunch hour vacation!!

A couple of other details to note if you plan to visit:
...It's B.Y.O.B., so tote along a bottle of crisp white wine or a six pack of red stripe, if you'd really like to live it up!!
...and it's highly likely that you'll hear some Bob Marley tunes and this song
while you enjoy your Caribbean feast:

Me gusta Cha Cha Chicken; me gustas tu!!
Here's their website: http://chachachicken.com/


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