Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dark 'n Stormy


The Dark 'n Stormy is (to me) the Holy Grail of drinks.

For some time now, I've been looking for the perfect drink...
Something that could be my go-to.
It had to feature rum, be fizzy, interesting, and delicious...
and also have fewer than 3 ingredients.

Enter the Dark 'n Stormy!!

It's a picture-perfect one-two-three punch!!
-half a bottle of ginger beer
-pour over a cup of ice
-top with a shot 'n a half of Myer's Rum.

Since ginger beer and rum are inherently interesting and delicious on their own...mixing together different types creates an endless variety of possibilities!!



P.S. I just learned that the original meaning of the 17th century word "groggy
meant drunk on rum=)...
Here's a fascinating little read on the matter...perfect for a Taste Bud Tuesday!!

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