Monday, November 4, 2013

Luxurious Loungewear - Beyond Sweatpants

Sometimes sweatpants get a bad reputation with fashionistas...
...I, for one, LVE my sweatpants collection...around the house or around town: when I wear 'em, I wear 'em proudly (and very, very comfortably)!! 
....If they are clean and cut well, I think they are down right sexy!!

However, sometimes I am feeling a little fancy in my lounging, and this fabulous cocoon caftan is just the thing to suit the mood. 
...Featuring yards and yards of bamboo jersey knit, it flaunts a phenomenally draped silhouette that is quite alluring!!
And the fabric feels like a dream to wear...

...It makes a great hostess look too (after the food prep is done perhaps;)!!

...A beautiful maroon color is just right for Fall, or chose from a rainbow of hues!!...coming soon to

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