Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Flower Pick : Camellia in the Rain

Pink Camellia in the Rain - Santa Monica, CA Flower photography by Mademoiselle Mermaid

Luckily, the most wonderful time of the year is quickly followed up by one of my other most favorite times of the year: Camellia Season!! Isn't it lovely that these flowers burst into bloom in the middle of winter?! Of course, it's a Southern California winter I'm talking about...but it seems miraculous to me just the same!! 

Grey winter skies, and this year's frequent rain showers, set the stage perfectly for the dramatic display of gorgeous blossoms I'm discovering at every turn. 

Beautifully ruffled petals and candy-colored flowers make for a dreamy January scene, echoing Wonderland!!



  1. All...lovely. The nice thing about California winters, isn't it. (I was from S. Cal originally). I'm in Texas now and though it's lost it's blooms now we were still getting lantana blooms up through early December...and butterflies too (so many butterflies).

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Gale!! That's wonderful to hear that the butterflies and blooms have lingered so long!! Off to check your blog=)...