Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Flower Pick : After the Rain, Roses

Orange Rose After the Rain - Flower Photography by Mademoiselle Mermaid

Many a rose bloom has been splashed across the pages of my blog over the last couple of years of Friday Flower Pick-ing...

And each of those rose-filled moments had its own special magic for me...
Maybe it was the intoxicating fragrance of one specimen, or the otherworldly hue of another!!

Or perhaps it was the way the rose played with the rain, or the sunshine...or in the instance of today's citrusy-hued was both!!

I caught this orange-you-glad-it's-Friday beauty just as the first sunlight filtered through its petals, after a morning shower.

This week of raindrop-speckled-sunshine has confirmed that my favorite weather is when you need both heart-shaped sunglasses and an umbrella!!



  1. This is one of my fairy favorite of your roses yet! Perhaps because it's a reminder that the sun will come out after the rain eventually, and it is soooo dreary in Delaware today.

    1. I will bottle up some California sunshine 'n wish it your way...whooosh=)...!!

  2. Fantastic photo! And my favorite color of rose, too!