Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Flower Pick : Flowers in the Sand

One of April's many beautiful, flowery gifts is an abundance of rose blooms!!
...From the gardens of busy 'n bustling Palisades Park, 
to quiet 'n quaint side streets around town, 
magnificent rose blooms are the crowned queens of the month!!

But the other day, while walking on the beach,
something a little less obvious caught my eye.
...I discovered these tiny, sunshine yellow flowers surfacing from the sand!!

So, before I fill up my Friday Flower Pick posts with a feast of delicious roses,
I wanted to share a simple, sunny moment of spring magic!!

...I hope you enjoy a moment in the sun this weekend too!!



  1. I love finding lovely flowers growing in unusual places! It's so pretty and bright!

  2. You've taken stunning shots from these beautys!

    Thank you for stopping by an d leaving a comment ... Frauke from Germany