Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Flower Pick : Sidewalk Surprises

Sidewalk surprises come in so many forms...

Underfoot, they may be slow but determined little snails,
making a very important crossing.
...Or maybe they are glittering bits of stone,
sprinkled about in otherwise ordinary concrete.
(Thank you downtown Santa Monica!!)
...Or perhaps they're beautifully ephemeral chalk drawings,
in pretty pastels, marking the way.

But keeping your head up has it's own rewards too...
Majestic magnolia trees shade and refresh you on a hot summer day, as the sunshine passes through their leaves in golden twinkles.
...And this time of year, you'll definitely want to be on the lookout for tiger swallowtail butterflies...fluttering by on a flower garden high!!

Yet sometimes, eye level is right where it's at...
Strolling around the neighborhood, I found all three of these gorgeous blooms, posed and ready for their closeups...bobbing playfully in the breeze and stretching from their yards, right into my path.
"What's the password?" they teased.
"Click, click. Click, click." I replied :-)



  1. Very pretty flowers and words! I do hope I get to walk with you in Santa Monica again someday.

    1. That would be just too, too fun!! We've got some great gardens here...and I know your town does too!! I'd love an amble around Lewes one day!!

  2. ooh very pretty flowers :) nice photos :)

  3. What dainty and lovely surprises!

  4. Beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up at

  5. The flowers are so pink and pretty.