Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Flower Pick : Magnolia

On summer days when the temperature soars, 
I look for any excuse to take my work outside!!
...On one such lovely day, as I sat sketching in the park under a canopy of dark green, waxy leaves, I noticed a tree trimming in action...
And when I spotted this magnificent flower falling to the ground with a tree branch, I scooped it right up!!

The dazzling scent of the massive, creamy white bloom, was my constant companion for the day :-)

Now, I'm no stranger to the magnolia trees, with their flowers high up in the air,
lining the sidewalks and filling the parks around here,
but I had never held one of the flowers in my hand before.
It must have been at least nine inches across...
and every inch of it a work of art!!



  1. never see one actually in person, they are very pretty tho :)

  2. Pretty petals! The light through the leaves you captured is magical, too. There's a magnolia tree outside work, so I stalk the blossoms all summer.

  3. Beautiful shot!!
    I hope to see you at and each week for the Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) photo linky!

  4. Nine inches across is very large. I can't remember the scent of a Magnolia.