Thursday, March 26, 2015

Things I Love : The Magic of March

Today I'm reflecting on all the lovely little things that have made 
March a very special sort of month thus far.
...What's so unique about it is that March has never really been particularly memorable for me; it's usually been spent buried under a pile of receipts!!
...But now that I have more efficient systems for bookkeeping in place, I have a newfound fondness for this sham-rockin' time of year!!
There have been a few incredible beach days and lots of fabulous spring flower picking walks...just for starts!!

What else has sparked my imagination and rainbow-colored my skies recently?!
...I'm glad you asked=)
Here are the top 5 things that have truly made my March magical:

Watching Cinderella the movie.
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day and wearing green.
Celebrating Spring (every day 'n always!)
Adding "pick up fresh flowers" to my weekly to-do's.
Sponsoring a giveaway.

They're my:

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