Monday, January 19, 2015

On Island Time : My Catalina Getaway

Greetings from the lovely city of Avalon on Catalina Island!!
...a place perfectly suited for a mermaid in need of a little relaxation and refreshment!!

From pretty sunrises, to strolls along quaint streets, to undersea adventures...
Catalina Island has it all!!

Located just 23 miles from the mainland, it's a destination so accessible,
 yet it feels worlds away.

It's friendly, charming, picturesque, and full of fun activities!!

This makes a dozen visits for me over the years...
...and I love it more every time!!

Here's a collection of my favorite moments from my latest visit:



  1. Fabulous photos! I had such a wonderful time when you took me and hope I get to go back with you someday.

  2. That would be wonderful!! It hasn't changed much...only for the better!!...and now, there is mermaid stuff absolutely everywhere!! I thought about you + our trip!!