Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Flower Pick : Periwinkle Pretties

Field of Purple Flowers - Flower Photography by Mademoiselle Mermaid.

Halloween weekend is now upon us, and no doubt you're as busy as bee getting your costume in order, the candy bowl stocked, and the pumpkins in place=)!!

...It's been a wonderful week of doing the Halloween hustle at Mademoiselle Mermaid, creating lots of gorgeous costume pieces that I hope will simply delight their wearers this weekend!!

This periwinkle, early morning scene (above) is just the tranquil sort of thing to refresh my senses and renew my spirit for the fun ahead!!

...Goes great with my new lilac bow turban headband, too...don't you think?!

Bow Turban Headband in Lilac by Mademoiselle Mermaid.


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