Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hello, November!!

I can't deny that I haven't enjoyed spending October weekends 
swimming in the ocean,
or that it wasn't perfectly lovely to plan my Halloween ensembles without having a single 'coat' worry!!
...But today we are finally enjoying our first chilly Fall day!!
Time to break out all the capelets I had been industriously crocheting during those summer evenings at the pool. 

...I really loved this fun 'n fabulous little November outfit that I put together today, so I stopped to snap a pic before heading out the door!! That's the Mystical Cape by Red Heart that I'm rocking, and I blogged about my heather grey version a few months ago right here.

...And that's the way I'm welcoming in what I hope will be a cozy, cheerful month of long nights, twinkling stars, and maybe even a little rain shower here 'n there!!

A girl with a penchant for rain boots and umbrellas can only hope=)

Hello, November!!

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