Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beaches, and Rainbows, and Sunsets! Oh, My!

Yesterday ( #SundayFunday ),
was one of those awesome, once in a lifetime sort of days...
that we seem to be having every week lately!!

The early morning started with dazzling, 
twinkling light and lots of summer bird songs,
followed by time spent splashing in the wild and wonderful high tide surf!!

I washed that experience down with a joyful ride on the carousel (always a treat)
and still the best $2 you can spend on the Westside (in my opinion)!!

...And then wow!!

  The day ended with a spectacular rainbow 
that preceded a brilliant purple and pink sunset,
full of surprise and delight!!

I hope today is filled with 
memories of wonderful weekend things for you as well!!...


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