Monday, December 8, 2014

Rainbows + Rainshowers : Mermaid Monday

Mademoiselle Mermaid is back (to blogging)...after a brief hiatus!!
...and it seems very fitting to begin again on a lovely and fresh Mermaid Monday!!

Of all the wonderful images + memories + projects I have been collecting over the past couple weeks, none makes my heart sing quite like the memory of a glorious and much needed rain shower we had just after the Thanksgiving holiday!!

From watching the dark clouds roll in over the ocean, to quiet walks under the pitter-patter of a gentle morning shower, and finishing with a decidedly beautiful rainbow...
...I enjoyed those couple of wet 'n wild days immensely!!

It was a beautiful way to kick off the Holiday Season!!

...Hope your Holidays are off to a fabulous start too!!

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