Monday, July 28, 2014

Mermaid Musings on the Sunset

"She has worn a wealth of costumes
Hula skirt to wedding gown
Lived in cities walked through jungles
Always sees the sun go down"

-Jimmy Buffett 
Hula Girl at Heart

The sun is setting on a Mermaid Monday
and I have that sweet line from Jimmy Buffett's Hula Girl at Heart 
 playing in my head=)

...There are a handful of places that I love to go to watch the sunset...
and Palisades Park, over looking Santa Monica Beach, and Burton Chase Park, with a view of the Marina del Rey harbor, are two of my favorites. 
 But sometimes on a busy Monday like today, 
I'm contented with just stealing glances at the dancing golden light
 and cotton candy clouds, from my window on the world!!


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