Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday Things I Love: Roses

Roses seem to be my lot in life...
I'm always on the lookout for them...
and they are perpetually, faithfully showing up!!

They appear in the places I expect to find them...
like on sunny Spring walks or in manicured gardens...
but they have been known to surprise me in not-so-obvious places too!!

...Like for instance, in the assumed name of a lady I have recently come to admire: Rose Bertin.

 Thanks to a Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast episode, I've just made the aquaintance of Rose...
designer of many of the glorious frocks that graced the figure of the eternally fascinating, Marie Antoinette.

...And much to my delight, the books I read are full of roses too!!

Rose blooms of every color and variety pepper the pages of my latest read:  Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth von Arnim; 1898.

That a flower aficionado like me would fall in love with a book by that title is no big surprise...
but what was a surprise was how utterly hilarious the book was!!

...Another place roses seem to abound is in the air.

I love incense.
One of the first things I do in the early morning, just before dawn, is to light one of those magical sticks.
A beautiful rose/wood fragrance is my go-to these days!!

...And finally, for this Thursday Things I Love post, here's an Etsy treasury I just adore...
It's all aglow with beautiful pastels, spring lovelies, and of course...roses.

Tasha's Garden
by Rose Baker of Rosebuds Originals on Etsy.


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