Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mademoiselle, Voulez Vous Crochet?

...if you answered oui to that question, then you may be happy to hear
that Mademoiselle Mermaid's second crochet pattern
has just landed in shoppe!!

 ...The cozy weather may be enticing you to get started on some holiday yarn crafting...or maybe you'd love to stitch-up something festive
to rock at a Holiday party!! 
Fabulously fashion forward leg warmers come highly recommended 
from this mermaid;)

Colorful and clear step-by-step directions make it super easy (even for novice crocheters) to follow along and end up with an accessory that's sure to elicit lots of compliments and admiration from passersby!! 

Find the instantly downloadable pattern right here to get started!!

...Mademoiselle Mermaid's classic fingerless gloves 
and a ruffle neck warmer are up next!!
...Look for those two fantastic patterns
for some fun crocheting with a French twist,
...coming soon!!



  1. Hello,
    you are a very pretty woman.... & its great to be able to work & model what you make, & enjoy what you do.... I lost everything the economy forced me into a really bad place several yrs ago :( I had had so much drive, I though I was who I was ...any whoo I have noticed your Beautiful Creations for quite some yrs now, I think I 1st seen your pretties like 2yrs ago now,....
    they are all so unique & very,very "Beautiful" I thouht I too would be somewhere oneday :( .....,but what I am trying to say.... I am so,so happy "you have made some patterns YAYYYY!
    Since things had not worked out for me over the last few yrs I am a self taught crocheter & am lovin your leg warmers the smaller ones & those navy blues with the ribbon ...but I also like the other one (colored Pattern) too..heck I just love it all your pretties heheheheh.....are you going to make more patterns?? If so, I will just have to have them & save the money to own them all ! Because your Wearable Fashion is Beautiful & I love it all :) Wonderful Talent !! Just wanted to let you know! Smiles to You <3

  2. Hi Theresa!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments!! That is so great to hear=)...Yes!! There will be lots more patterns to come very soon!! Keep in touch=)....Happy♥Crocheting!!