Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Get an A+ in Fashion

It's back to school time again!!
...and Mademoiselle Mermaid has 10 ways
to get an A+ in Fashion this semester!!

1. History: Study fashion history, and sometimes repeat the mistakes of the past. Leg warmers, over-the-knee.
2. Psychology: Conduct a field study on the intoxicating effects of charcoal velvet. Charcoal velvet turban.
3. French: Speak perfect French from the knees down. Paris afternoon leg warmers.
4. Art: Be both the artist and the muse in a Monet-inspired color palette. Watercolor fingerless gloves.
5. Music: Join the band and let it go to your head. Gold fashion turban headband.
6. Science: Perfect the chemistry between black velvet and vintage lace. Vintage-look lace cuffs.
7. Sports: Always wear jersey on game day. Jersey knit caftan in teal.
8. Library Science: Organization is "tote-ally" key. Cotton bow tote bag.
9. Literature: Read the classics, and dress the part. Little Women capelet.
10. Consider: "You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” - Oscar Wilde

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