Monday, August 26, 2013

Being a Mermaid: Tip #1

Being a Mermaid 
Tip #1 - Create a Mermaid Necklace with a Collection of Interesting Objects.

...Think flea market treasures, shipwreck finds, orphaned buttons, sea shells, bits of crystal, and broken pearl necklaces!! Jewelry making (the mermaid way) is all about ingenuity and beautiful "imperfections"...and the treasure hunt is half the fun!!

Here's list of the salvaged items you'll need:
16"-18" of sturdy chain. Curb chains in gold/silver-plated brass are great!!
Lobster style clasp.
An assortment of sturdy jump rings.
Headpins and wire for wrapping.
A bit of ribbon and lace. 
Your collection of trinkets and treasures.
Hint: the Mademoiselle Mermaid version features...
-2 hot pink square sea shell pendants (2")
-1 aqua shell heart pendant (2")
-7 shell parrot charms (2.5")
-2 crystal buttons (1").
-17 white pearls (6mm).
-5 turquoise pearls (10mm).
-1 clear crystal oval drop (1.5").
-12" of 5/8" wide velvet ribbon in light grey.

...Follow the simple instructions below to make your own mermaid accessory!! (Basic jewelry making skills required.)

How to:
Step 1. Attach the lobster clasp with a jump ring to one end of the length of chain.
Step 2. Attach a large jump ring to the opposite end of the chain (for easy clasping).
Step 3. Decide how you would like to display your found and collected items.
Step 4. Using either wire wrapping or jump rings, attach your charms to the chain, starting with the smallest items first. To keep your necklace looking balanced, try working from the center out towards the sides.
Step 5. Finish-off your mermaid look with a little velvet, satin, or lace bow.
Step 6. Now adorn yourself!!...and head to the nearest body of water to admire your beauty and creativity=)...
Mademoiselle Mermaid
©All designs, images, and instructions are the intellectual property of Mademoiselle Mermaid™

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