Thursday, June 23, 2011

Velvet Lovers Fashion Turbans

There's just something about a velvet fabric that captivates me...
even in the warmer months.
I can't get enough of its silky, soft texture or the dazzling way it shines in the sun (and candlelight too).
Velvet is truly a feast for the senses! Just consider the adjective "velvety"...
We can taste a velvety wine, touch velvety skin, see velvety waters and hear a velvety voice...It plays to so many of our senses.
My Velvet Lovers Fashion Turban Collection pays homage to this adored fabric in unique and exotic way. Try a luxurious velvet hair wrap with bare shoulders for summer...but you'll find this versatile style just right in ANY season.
Shop Mademoiselle Mermaid to get the look!!

1 comment:

  1. these glam and plush looking velvet turbans are my fave!!

    sorry for the lack of comments of late. some blogger bug wouldnt allow me to leave comments on certain blogs. now i think i've found a way around it. hope you're doing well :)

    xo, Persis.